we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!




Current News


This coming
Sunday is
the Third
Sunday of
Advent.  We
have our
services at
10:30 and at

Here is a
good line
from next
week’s prayer
of the day:
“Stir up the
wills of your
people Lord
God & open
our ears.......



    2018 season is over.  Our schedule is posted below.  All our games were at Rice Field on a Wednesday.  We miss our Monday league and will try to get that rolling again for 2019.

    Check the hotline for rainouts-859-5760

    Here was our 2018 season.................

    4/18-6:15 on field #1
          (rats!  We missed it but can make it up later)

    4/25-7:15 on field #1
          (too much rain and wet fields)

    5/2-6:15 on field #1
          (it was close for most of the game)

    5/9-8:15 on field #1
          (we hit like crazy and almost won this one)

    5/16-7:15 our fifth scheduled game
          (what a great game and we barely lost by one)

    5/23-6:15 our sixth game
          (another close one)

    5/30-7:15 our seventh game
          (we were gaining on them but ran out of time)

    6/6-6:15 our eighth game
          (we won!!!  can you believe it?  17-1!!!)

    6/13-6:15 our ninth game
          (we played a good game and barely lost to a great team)

    6/20-6:15 - this is one of our makeup games
          (the league leaders barely beat us)

    6/27-7:15-this is another makeup game
          (we gave it our best shot but missed some key players)

    7/11-6:15-tournament game
          (we ended with a great game - see you next year)



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