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    The 2019 season is over but it was sure full of lots of highlights.  Our   schedule and some results are posted below.  All our games were at Rice Field diamond number 1 on Wednesday evenings.

    Check the hotline for rainouts-859-5760

    Here is our 2019 season.................

    4/17-9:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Down the Pike
            (we led early but lost it at the end)

    4/24-9:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Superheros in Training)
            (we led early and kept pulling away for the win!!!)

    5/1-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. a team called Bye Week
           (rats....we were rained out)

    5/8-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Integrity Restoration
           (once again an early lead but...)

    5/15-7:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Scrantonicity
            (what a barn burner of a game but we won!!!)

    5/22-6:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Collins Creations
            (lots of rain and no game......shucks)

    5/29-6:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Down the Pike
            (you can’t get any closer to a win than this game)

    6/5-6:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Scrantonicity
           (we got our third win of the year - yeah!!!)
          7:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Collins Creations
           (wow, did they have a lot of good hitters-arghh)

    6/12-7:15 (Away) a makeup game vs. Bye Week
            (we got in three innings but then the rain came)

    6/19-6:15 (Away) a makeup game vs. Collins Creations
            (rained out minutes before game time!!!)

    6/26-7:15 (Away) another makeup game vs. Bye Week
            (lots of people on vacation but we tried...)

    7/3-6:15 (Away) yet another makeup game vs. Collins Creations
           (yow....this one hurt!  we gave up 16 runs in one inning)

    7/10-7:15 (coin flip) tournament game
            (we were ahead late in the game before losing in the late innings)

    We had a great season with lots of close games and lots of good plays.
    It is a young team and we can’t wait until next year!!!  Many thanks to everyone who played and cheered for us.



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