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--Did you know a number of people in our parish have patents? Jim DeYoung has one! Steve Schultz has two!! And Kim Izor has five plaques on the wall of his house from his four patents!!!!

--Four people from our parish worked on the "Manhattan project" (for the first nuclear bomb). Mary Alice Greb, Art Vollmer, Bob Greb and Bob Shiffer. Some have said Bob worked on the "switch" but other more accurately have called it "a proximity fuse".

--Matt Muncy holds the Miamisburg High School record for rushing yards in one game and for a career. He just finished at Ohio University where he was named on the All American team at the linebacker postion.

--Steve Schultz still holds the Miamisburg school record for interceptions in one game.

--Betty Daily once won the poetry prize in a local magazine for 14 months in a row.

--Dale Schram was in the Miamisburg High School band 10 years.

--Sidney Wagner has played the pipe organ in worship for 17 years without missing a Sunday.

--Mary Ellen Wagner and Sidney Wagner have had perfect attendance in Sunday School for over 40 years.

--Randy Hardin won his town yo-yo competition in Iowa. He then went to three other towns and won those battles before barely losing a fifth competition.

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