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MHS Land Lab

Grace Belvo Land Lab at Miamisburg High School

Our July 19th update......”The trail is fully open again thanks to the hard work of our chain sawing crew of Mike and Alan McCabe. That was quite a large oak tree that had to be removed. Work continues on a second trail in this fascinating wooded area. Just a few months ago there were some amazingly beautiful purple, yellow & white wildflowers. Can you believe Pastor Hout has found over a dozen baseballs back there?”

Behind the track and soccer stadium at the High School lies a wooded area that has been in use for a number of years. Most especially, it is the environmental education classes at Miamisburg High that utilize the area. The space and trails were dedicated in November of 1996 and named after the last owner of the woods. This is how the Grace Belvo Land Lab came into existence. We have a picture of that dedication up on our bulletin board at St. Jacob. 

Over the years, the trails have become harder to locate and a number of trees have fallen over the paths. Pastor Hout and some others have begun walking in the woods and are trying to help make it more functional. Many thanks to Seth Osborne for all his efforts to get some big stumps off the trails. Working with Miamisburg teacher Mr. Joe Beringer and the environmental education classes at the High School, there are hopes and dreams that this land lab can be enjoyed by more and more people in the coming days. We are happy to announce that a trail can now be followed all the way from the sign to the back of the baseball backstop!!!

Have you heard about Pastor Hout at open mike night at the Lucky Star? He has been singing about “paved paradise put in a parking lot” and adding a verse about the Grace Belvo Land Lab.

Here are the two YouTube videos we made of the trail. Can you believe this is the 20th anniversary of the dedication?  Take a look at it and let us know what you think of our fall video and our winter video. We hope to add a spring video soon (before the honeysuckles start growing).....