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Miamisburg Holiday Festival - parade and bazaar This past weekend was our big winter festival in historic downtown Miamisburg. We were honored to have a unit in the parade and back in our building we had our annual bazaar of Christmas items. It was a good day with lots of activity, despite the cold. Many thanks to all who helped out in one way or another.

Good Job Miamisburg Community Chorus Once again, the choir from our city did the job. They had a great Christmas concert at the Baum Opera House with an enthusiastic crowd. Especially impressive was the work of their 95 year old director, Dale Schram, who just got out of the hospital from gallbladder surgery.

WOW!!! What a great Thanksgiving Day Meal  This meal has been going on for over two decades but none was bigger than the 2017 edition. From 12:30 to 2:30 on the 23rd we served 425 meals. That is, by far, the largest crowd we have ever had. The helpers for this meal came from far and wide but everyone worked together well and the meals were served with love and a smile. Everyone said they tasted great, too. Many thanks to all who helped in one way or another and the biggest thanks of all go to our organizer and coordinator Dawn Warrick.

Thanksgiving Worship at Zion was a nice evening of giving thanks. There was terrific music with lots of different instruments. We look forward to hosting this service in 2018, the 200th anniversary of Miamisburg.

Joint Prayer Service of Lutherans and Catholics It was a big service and a historic service over at Epiphany Lutheran in Centerville. People in the pews were treated to lots of good preaching and great music. How wonderful to not only have a joint choir but also a fantastic bell choir and a full sanctuary.

We saw red on Reformation Sunday at St. Jacob The high school Sunday School class brought in a helium tank and filled oodles of red balloons to decorate the sanctuary. It looked great having all those balloons hanging six feet over so many of the pews. The fine music for the day and the preaching of the Word made for a fine Reformation Sunday at 213 E. Central Avenue.

The Synod Reformation Service in Dublin, just outside Columbus, was quite inspiring. They had a fantastic organist and a brass choir that was out of this world. The vocal choir was pretty special, too. The bishop gave a rousing sermon to an overflow crowd. It all added up to an amazing service on the evening of the 22nd of October.

The hayride was terrific It rained in the afternoon and the weather cooled but everything dried out nicely just in time for another great St. Jacob hayride. The campfire was perfect to warm everyone’s toes, hot dogs and s’mores. The animals were fun and so was the corn pit. And, of course, there was the hayride. What a neat ride through the woods and over the wet creek. Many thanks to all who came and to all who made this another successful hayride night for St. Jacob.

Congregational meeting Our congregational meeting went very smoothly (and quickly) as we move ahead with more ministry at 213 E. Central Avenue and beyond.

We had a great Rally Day How exciting to have a nice crowd and enjoy lots of fun as we learned more about God, Jesus and the world. We enjoyed some good music, some coin races, some balloons, some rocks, some crosses made out of recycled material and more for everyone to enjoy. It was a good morning and we will try to carry this enthusiasm through the rest of the Sunday School year.

Holiday at Home parade Wow!!! What a great day for the 2017 HAH parade through the downtown section of Kettering. The weather was terrific, the crowd was fantastic and our unit looked great. Many thanks to all who helped from elementary age youth to 64 year old unicycle riders and nearly eighty year old banner carriers. It was also cool to see a big picture of our unit in the local paper. Can you believe we were used to promote the parade? This picture also popped up on the Dayton Daily News website, the Channel 2 WDTN TV station website and the dayton.com website. 

Miamisburg is Tops and we saw why this past weekend at our 18th annual Miamisburg Whirled Top Festival in our historic downtown. The weather was great and we had a nice crowd of spinners on hand for lots of whirling excitement. Congratulations to the youth teams that spun so well with the winning team taking home the 100 gold dollar prize.....plus one extra dollar for every year of our festival. That means the prize every year is the highest ever and it also meant this year they took home 118 dollars. Everybody was a winner, though, as each person received a brand new shiny bearing top and each youth participant won gold coins. It was fascinating to watch the adults in the grass and see their amazing skills with all kinds of spinning items. What a great day and we look forward to next year when it will be the 200th anniversary of the city and the mayor promises to get behind our spinning day in a special way!!!

Sadly, we missed the Paragon Quartet They had some health problems in the group and were not able to be with us on the first Sunday of August. We look forward to another visit from them and especially our very own Fred Schmidt who grew up at St. Jacob!!!

Christmas in July was loads of fun Mable Braunschweiger (you know her - she was Bing Crosby’s girlfriend in the 1945 “Road to Utopia” movie - the lady blacksmith) wins the best dressed award. She looked great in her red and green and her one earring. How fun to sing Christmas carols in the middle of summer. Let’s do it again next year!!!

Lots of little ones It is the middle of summer but how exciting to have so many little ones here for Sunday School and then in worship at the children’s sermon.

Day Camp was fantastic We had an awesome staff from Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Ohio plus we have over a 100 youth. The place was hopping as we learned about Jesus and the Water of Life through our Bible Studies, our crafts, our singing and so much more.

Luther House Gang What a great Sunday it was with the gang back together again. The Luther House Gang was a youth group led by our current Mayor, Dick Church. It was an exciting and thriving time for St. Jacob and the youth program. Over two dozen gang members were back for worship. They enjoyed some good memories and a picture display gathered by Mayor Church.

70th anniversary You do not hear about this everyday. Paul and Loueda Schultz celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this past weekend. It was a great party on Saturday and everyone was in worship on Sunday. It made for a great weekend. Congratulations to the Schulz’s.

Talent Show was great We had a fun filled evening with great food and lots of entertainment plus we were able to highlight the life of Dale Schram who turned 95 that day. The Mayor even came by with a proclamation making June Dale Schram month in the city of Miamisburg!!!

Let’s celebrate a win It doesn’t happen every year!
Can you tell we are excited about our co-ed softball team winning a game? It was so exciting to see our silent bats come to life. We nearly run ruled the other team. Our next game is scheduled for the 22nd of May but there has been a lot of rain so we may not be playing due to a wet field. And, like every year, we will not be playing on Memorial Day.

Mother’s Day was special here at St. Jacob. We had flowers for all the women and also had a baptism with a smiling baby named Camille. Hope everyone else had a great Mother’s Day, too.

The Senior Award Night was at Miamisburg High School this past week. It was an honor to give our St. Jacob scholarship away to a deserving student by the name of Taniayah O’Quinn-Sims.

Coed Softball is in full swing with games on Monday evenings. We also talking about a Talent Show for the first Sunday in June.

K’NEX day was a fun time after our Holy Humor Sunday services. Lots of great things were built with lots of creative juices flowing during the day. Many thanks to Kim Izor for the use of his 70 pounds of K’NEX items.

We survived Holy Week It was a busy time around this place but we had a meaningful Maundy Thursday service, a relevant Good Friday service and prayerful moments when we were not in worship. Everything prepared us well for Easter Sunday with thrilling worship services, a yummy breakfast and an “egg”-citing egg hunt. Many thanks to the many who helped to make everything possible.

Lenten Fair was terrific with lots of great activities and events for hands-on learning about the season we are in. We had a nice crowd and the food was terrific. Many thanks to the Christian Education committee for their work on this. Good job!!!

The new local library has opened What a great grand opening!!! We are happy to highlight our library for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is great news for our community. Secondly, our very own Bill Pardieck works at the library and we hope he enjoys the new space!

Souper Bowl was GR8 The Super Bowl was an exciting game but even more exciting was our response to the hungry. Hundreds of cans of food were brought in and donations of cash were received for our food pantry and for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled!!!

CPAM and Alice in Wonderland This theater production was fantastic and all three shows were total sellouts. We received a very nice thank you note from the group for the use of our space. How exciting to have all this activity in our building!!!

Our annual meeting in mid January went well.  We are now fully ready to move ahead with our ministry into this 2017 year. It will be an exciting time of serving the Lord.

We welcomed in the new year with lots Christmas sweaters on the 8th day of Christmas, which also happened to be January 1st. We were happy to see so many people here after all the New Year’s Eve parties the night before!!!

Christmas Eve We had a boatload of people here for our Christmas Eve candlelight services. How nice to sing carols and see our sanctuary lit by gentle candlelight. It is a beautiful sight. Many thanks to all who helped so much with these services.

Sunday School Christmas Program was this past Sunday and it was a big hit!!! How exciting to have so many children and so many musicians involved in the whole event. Many thanks to the Star City Dulcimers for their participation and special thanks to Dr. Marcia Vannet for writing the play and directing the whole endeavor.

Miamisburg Holiday Fest was great Despite the weather there were lots of people out for this annual time in our community. We had lots of people visiting the bazaar of gently used Christmas items here at St. Jacob. We also had a bunch of people in the parade. How great to see so many young ones in our unit. Pastor Hout was smiling all day because of that!!!

A Record Setting Thanksgiving Day Meal Wow! (as our outdoor sign says) what a great meal with a record setting crowd. Over 300 people were served. Many many thanks to all who helped in one way or another. Special thanks go to Dawn Warrick for her work in organizing everything.

November is a busy time around these parts We just had Lunch Bunch at Mz. Pickles and Game Night and sanctuary cleaning day and a parade unit in the Springboro Christmas parade and a giant combined Thanksgiving worship service at Trinity. That was all in just four days! Now we head to our big Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

Voting at St. Jacob All went smoothly with the big election and the voting at this location. Many thanks to all who helped with that.

Our October hayride was terrific We wonderful weather last night and a wonderful turnout for this great annual event. Everyone loved the Warrick Farm on Union Road with their petting zoo, a nice campfire, yummy snacks and the wildly popular corn box. Of course, we also had a fantastic hayride. What great memories for all our youth and adults.

Congregational meeting We had a good meeting of the congregation this past Sunday. How good it is when the people of God gather to plan for the future.

Our recent Movie Night went well. We had great weather and lots of children playing well together on the front lawn until the movie started. There are lots of hopes for another fun event like that!!!

Rally Day How great to be able to rally behind our Sunday School with skits, songs, balloons, puzzles, rhythm instruments and more. It was a great way to get our Sunday School year off to a good start.

Holiday at Home parade St. Jacob once again had a unit in the Holiday at Home parade. It was a nice day and our group looked good in their bright yellow shirts. Right Dawn? That is something like fifteen or sixteen times for St. Jacob and it is the 22nd ride for Pastor Hout in this parade (he was in the parade with a group from a Kettering Church in the years prior to being at SJ).

Whirled Top Festival was fantastic!!! We had adult top spinners from six states, world champions and world class instructors gathered at St. Jacob during the day. In the evening we invited all the kids to join and to have top battles, which they did. How exciting to see all the activity. The winning youth team won 100 gold dollar coins (really - $100) and all the participants received free tops and prizes from top spinning friends who live on Long Island, New York. What a day!!! Look up some of our videos on youtube or read more about it at miamisburg.org/tops

Paragon Quartet was terrific Many thanks go to the Findlay group known as the Paragon Quartet who recently sang at St. Jacob. They have a new singer and many people commented on how they sounded better than ever. How great to have our very own Fred Schmidt with us once again. He is the lead singer for the group and he grew up in this congregation. It was nice to see such a large crowd to greet them. Can you believe they have sung all over the United States and have even performed for some presidents! 

Pokemon what? Can you believe what has happened to our downtown? People playing the game Pokemon Go are everywhere. In fact, the sign in front of our church is part of the game! It is worth 4-6 Poke coins and a revive on the players life. Pastor Hout wrote an article about all of this and it was published in the Miamisburg News.

Paragon Quartet is coming Come join us and hear the beautiful harmonies of this terrific group from Findlay, Ohio. They will be here for the 10:30 service on the 21st of August.

Christmas in July was fun We had a “cool” time with our Christmas in July worship services. There were lots of Christmas hymns and a Christmas message with Christmas scripture texts. At the 10:30 service we had special music with everyone playing the chimes and bells. At the noon service we had a double baptism. What a great day!!!

Day Camp was terrific Many thanks to the many who made this event so fantastic. Under the theme “The Jesus Way” we had everyone at 213 E. Central working to better understand Jesus and his feeding, his forgiving, his loving, his serving and his praying. Our LOMO (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Ohio) counselors were great and our support staff was great and our food was great. Yes, indeed, what a GR8 week!!!

GOBA-ville Nearly 2000 bicyclers were through our area the end of June. We did what we could to help them out by offering them water and inviting them to our ice cream social. The sea of tents was amazing out at the middle school football fields. GOBA stands for Great Ohio Bike Adventure and they certainly had a great adventure on their two wheelers.

Talent Show We are still dreaming about having a Talent Show. Maybe we can pull one off this fall?

Memorial Day in Miamisburg went well and it was great to be a part of our historic downtown events.

Spring Fling parade was wet but it went well. Many thanks to all who helped with our parade unit. Pastor Hout would like to brag that he did not fall off his unicycle but the truth is that he took a little tumble right after going over the tracks. Now it is back to training to get ready for next year. Speaking of next year, maybe next year we will have a dry parade?

Co-ed softball is off and running We are having a good time with our softball action. It might be a long season if we are looking for a lot of wins, but it will be a fun season as we see ourselves improve every game. All our games are on diamond #2 at Rice Field on Monday evenings.

Brainstorming potluck went well and we came up with some good ideas for the future. We are working on a special “Giving Tree” where individuals can go and find some ways they can help the congregation. We will soon be “loading” the giving tree with lots of possibilities connected with our upcoming Day Camp. Please stop by our fellowship hall (Albrect Hall) and check out this special tree.

Easter Sunday was another great day for us with terrific crowds, terrific music, terrific decorations and the best news of all......an empty tomb!!!

Holy Week We completed another season of Lent and just finished Holy Week with worship services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Many thanks to all who helped with our Wednesday midweek worship services and the soup suppers and all the special music.

Lenten Fair was great What a wonderful night of hands on learning through crafts and food and more. Many thanks to all who came and to all who helped organize and run the event.

Souper Bowl Sunday is over but our concern for the hungry is not over. How great to have so much food come in for our food pantry on Souper Bowl Sunday. Many thanks for your aid and thanks, also, to all who have also helped out in other ways like in their support for Helping Hands or a check for the ELCA World Hunger appeal. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos on winning the Super Bowl and special thanks to all who are doing all they can to help with the SOUPer Bowl.

Congregational Meeting We made it through our annual congregational meeting and have great plans for the coming year. How wonderful to be able to serve the Lord here at 213 E. Central and beyond.

Christmas Eve worship services this year were especially moving. They were at 7:30 and 11:00 with a candlelight service at each worship. The early service was more oriented toward families and included special music by many of our youth including a little drummer boy. The late service featured our adult choir. It was wonderful to celebrate a good old fashioned Charlie Brown Christmas.

The Sunday Sunday School Christmas program on the Sunday before Christmas went very well. We had a great carry-in meal (remember when we could not do these very well) and then had a terrific program after that. The kids did a wonderful job. Many thanks to all who helped and especially to director Dr. Marcia Vannet.

Miamisburg Holiday Festival in early December was great. We had a nice crew in the parade and had lots of people come by for our bazaar. Many thanks to all who helped with this big event!

Thanksgiving time was crazy around here. We had a wonderful area Thanksgiving worship service at St. John’s Lutheran and on Thanksgiving day we had our annual meal for the community. Our fellowship hall (Albrecht Hall) was packed. It was a record crowd!!! Many thanks to all who helped (so many great volunteers) and special thanks go to Dawn Warrick, our event coordinator.

Springboro Christmas parade was terrific We had a great day and great weather for this fun annual event. Can you believe it started raining right after the parade was finished? Many thanks to all the people in our group and their hard work. We believe our congregation has been in this parade for 17 years and that means every year this century!

CPAM was here CPAM is Children’s Performing Arts of Miamisburg. They were here for a full week preparing the show “Winnie the Pooh”. How exciting to see all the participation. They also gave three shows that Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Congregational Hayride was great and dry! Can you believe it? We were excited to have such nice weather and a nice crowd at the Warrick Farm on 8055 Union Road. The hayride was fun, the campfire was perfect and the food was tasty. An extra highlight of the night was the music around the campire, the animals and the corn box (like a sand box but with corn).

Rally Day & Welcome Back Adult Choir It was good to give our Sunday School a lift as we rallied behind them for another church school year. We also are happy to have our adult choir back with us.

Kettering Holiday at Home Parade and a photo!!! We are still celebrating all the good pr we received from the nice unit we had in the Labor Day Holiday at Home parade. How nice that the Dayton Daily News put a color picture of us in the paper and on their website. It was a warm parade but thousands of people lined the course to see all the activity. How great to be a part of our community.

Miamisburg Whirled Top Festival Was GR8 We had great weather and we had great participation in our 16th festival. There were twenty some adults from seven states here including Alabama, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky and (of course) Ohio. The kids had big battles, too, and the winning team came away with 100 gold coins (that is 100 real dollars). 

National Youth Gathering recap It has been interesting to read all kinds of comments about the event up in Detroit. What a special time it is when we get 30,000 youth together for this gathering that is only held once every three years. Rise Up was the theme and we did what we could to help the city “rise up” after all they have gone through. Now we are back in Miamisburg to help others “rise up” in our area. 2018 is the next gathering and it will be in Houston!

We are still smiling about Day Camp 2015 It was a special week with lots of activity based around the theme “A Love That Never Ends”. How terrific to have over 100 people in our building every day!!! We sang a lot of the camp songs in our worship service on Sunday.

Luther House Gang This was a large group of youth led by Mayor Dick Church back in the 60’s. We had a special Sunday to remember them this past Sunday and had many of them back for a reunion. It was great to hear some of their stories. It was also great to sing some of their songs. Let’s do this again next year on the Sunday after the Alumni reunion.

Talent Show 2015 was a lot of fun. We have had bigger crowds but we could not have had a better time that on the 7th of June. Many thanks to our piano players, our story tellers, our chimers, our knock knock jokers, our book readers and more. Dale Schram gave a nice drum solo, too!!!

Memorial Day parade could have been extra special this year with our very own Dale Schram as the grand marshal BUT it rained and rained and rained. They had to call it off. Rats!!!

Spring Fling parade was a hit Somehow we got the parade in despite the rain before and the rain after. Many thanks to the many who helped with our parade unit. Can you believe 450 pens with information about St. Jacob were handed out?

Read about our pipe organ Here is an interesting bit about our pipe organ:

AND BELOW IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT US: Our parish is located in the Southern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Read more about what's happening in our synod at the Synod Home Page

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Our softball and volleyball team plays Monday nights with the Miamisburg Churches.

We have a Lenten fair each March with lots of great “hands on” learning!

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