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yo-yos & tops

Tops & Yo-yos

Wow, did we have a great yo-yo day here at St. Jacob. We had 25 people spinning up and down for hours. The games and challenges were also a big hit. Mark Hayward was fantastic and people are already talking about doing it again next year. You may have seen Mark on the David Letterman show. Here is his website: www.markhayward.net

Until then we will get ready for August’s Whirled Top Festival in historic downtown of Miamisburg. That will be the 27th of August from 5-8pm.

Here are some tricks we were working on for yo-yo day:
-show how to wind a yo-yo
-show how to untangle the string
-throw an easy spinner
-throw a fast spinner:
-side throw:
-rock the baby:
-brain twister:

-split the atom:


Here are some great top spinning links.......

Miamisburg.org - highlights from our recent top festivals including pictures clips and more

Spintastics - Lots of information and great tops (there are even some yo-yos there)

www.itopspin.com - this is a forum where you can talk with top spinners around the world!

Woodtops - Alan Gray’s handmade wooden tops

ta0.com - This site has great information and is run by our good friend Jorge!

What a great night of spinning was had at the 10th annual Whirled Top Festival in August of 2009. We didn’t have as many teams as last year but we still had ten teams of three people competing for the 100 gold dollar coins ($100). We didn’t have the world champion of Top Spinning, like we did a couple years ago with Matt Ritter but we did have a guy who was second the last two years (our very own Pastor Hout).  See the pictures at the link below. Thanks, Jay, for doing our website. He even included some clips! It’s all at:

1st - Matt Ritter from Tallahassee, Florida
2nd - Takeshi Kamisato from Indianapolis, Indiana
3rd - Jorge Alcoz of Montevideo, Uruguay & San Antonio, Tx.
4th - David Buhrmester from Kansas City, Missouri
5th - Mike Hout from Miamisburg, Ohio
6th - Boyd Seth from Portland, Oregon

7th - Hamilton Yokota from Sao Paolo, Brazil