we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!




Current News


This coming Sunday is the 13th Sunday after Pentecost.  Join us August 19th for worship services at 10:30 and noon.

Here is a good line from next week’s prayer of the day: “Ever-loving God, fill us with such a knowledge of his presence that we may be strengthened and sustained by his risen life to serve you continually”




NetObjects Fusion 2015Welcome to the new design for our web page about St Jacob Lutheran Church in Miamisburg, Ohio.  We are so excited to have this new design for our website.  Many thanks to Randy Hardin and Jonathan Steingass for their help with these pages at

We had a great bicentennial celebration week in our city.  Can you believe our city is 200 years old and was founded in 1818.  We had a good parade unit in the opening parade and an even better one in the closing parade.  Happy Birthday Miamisburg.  The good news is that there are still more events to come on this bicentennial year, like our whirled festival of tops on August 25th!!!

This website was last updated on August 13th.  We had a great week of Day Camp with over a hundred people in our building.  We also had a great group at the national youth gathering in Houston with 30,000 people.  They have a lot of stories to tell and lots of sourvenirs from the trip.  They even have a log/diary of their activities.  The Home Page, Day Camp, Recent news and the Pastor’s Page were all recently updated on the 13th.  You can read the Pastor’s Page at the above link or by clicking here:

St. Jacob Lutheran Church has been serving the Miamisburg community since 1821.  Even though we are 197 years old in a 153 year old building, we are getting better with age thanks to the wonderful guidance and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.  We have worship services each Sunday at 10:30 AM (with organ) and noon (with guitar).  Our Sunday School begins at 9:00 AM.

Please browse our Web site for more information about St Jacob Lutheran Church. If you have questions, please e-mail us at or call us at 937-866-4324.

Some have asked where our donation link is.  Thanks for asking!!!  It was lost but now is found.  You can find it here at the following link: bin/Vanco_ver3vpsappver3=Fi1giPL8kwX_Oe1AO50jRs6CH0NYUck14bmiAKUtwZ9fcDUR8Pm2EuvGLceWdC NK2EvVVAEjqawDomKT1pbouSPGI7DoYqwGmTGD_zV7G60=&ver=3

St. Jacob Lutheran trivia in Miamisburg  Did you know the following places in Miamisburg are named after St. Jacob members?  We know you have been on Heincke Road.  That is named after one of St. Jacob’s first pastors.  He had a farm on that road.  Other streets named after our folks include Zeck Road, Benner Road and Kercher Street.  Larry Benner was our world traveling clown/musician and Lawrence Avenue is named after him.  We play sports at Rice Field.  That is named after long time members.  Bechler Field also has the name of SJ folks.  Bauer Elementary School is named after a very faithful St. Jacob woman by the name of Levita Bauer.

Did you know our church bell was cast in 1832?  It did not have a very pleasing sound with the first cast so the story goes that many St. Jacob folks brought in silver utensils and silver coins to improve it.  The extra silver did the trick and the bell has been ringing true and clear for nearly two centuries.  By the way, the name of our city is spelled an unusual way on the bell - MIAMIESBURG!!!

A number of years ago Betty Daily wrote a nice poem about our bell:

Listen carefully, you can hear,
the bells of St. Jacob ring loud and clear.
Their cheerful chimes are spread around,
   everywhere all over town.
You can even tell the time of day,
   for the bells ring out in a special way.
They tell when it’s quarter, half or hour.
A timely reminder of God’s holy power.

Those bells were paid for by donation.
   Just hearing them brings much elation.
They are a wonderful gift of love,
   that rings out clearly to God above.
Sometimes a favorite hymn you’ll hear,
   over an evening breeze, loud and clear.
The familiar tones are quite a treat,
   and bring us memories that are so sweet.



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