we are located in the beautiful historic
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We have lots of fascinating people here at St. Jacob with
lots of fascinating stories.  You can read below about
some of their amazing activities over the years.

--This is great trivia.  How many people do you know
   have seen Elvis?  We know of a number of St. Jacob
   folks who have seen him.  And they did not just see
   him once, but twice.  Ann Hoskins and Minta Newburg
   both saw him on two occasions.  Our friend Mz. Pickles
   (Carol Brassington) also reports she has seen him in
   concert.  She also has some of his albums on the wall
   of her store.

--We just found a great video of Dartmouth football from
   1960.  Guess who is featured throughout?  It is our very
   own Jack Kinderdine!!!  He was the son of Virginia
   Kinderdine and was an acolyte many times at St.
   Jacob.  He is highlighted on the video as the starting
   quarterback running and throwing for touchdowns.  He
   also is shown hitting some 60 plus yard punts.  At the
   end of the video he is at the library and they point out
   how he set some school records in passing and also
   an Ivy League record for passing!!!

--Christopher Boyd was ordained at St. Jacob on the first
   Sunday of August.  Resurrection Lutheran in Port Clinton
   (Catawba Island) has called him as their pastor.  He will
   be the third pastor in the history of their congregation.  One
   pastor served 10 years and another served 40 years!!!

--We recently found out Nick Thompson not only had the
   Miamisburg school record in the 200 and 400, but he also
   had a number of school records in football.  He still holds
   the record for receptions in a year and return kickoff yards
   yards in a career.  He was a state qualifier in the 400
   meter dash and was also the most valuable athlete at
   the Jesse Owens Invitational.  He was once hit so hard
   he had a concussion and went to the opponent’s bench
   (by accident) to sit down.  Since Pastor Hout’s sons
   were in the marching band at Fairmont, amazingly, he
   was at that game!!!

--Matt Muncy was confirmed at St. Jacob and attended here
   when he set all those high school rushing records.  He is now
   married to Chelsea and has a new son, Quentin.  It turns out
   that the little guy has a video out there where he is climbing
   the stairs and has a great play by play call by the same man
   who is the announcer for the Bengals.  Look up “Quentin Muncy
   and stairs” in Google.  We are also excited to report that
   Quentin was just baptized at St. Jacob!!!

--We know you have heard some good fish stories but have
   you heard a good horse story?  Here is one.  St. Jacob has
   a connection to one of the greatest horse movies of all time.
   It is the movie “Seabiscuit.”  If you look closely in the stands
   you will find Lacey Bastin, Shelly Macy’s oldest daughter!!!
   They asked her to be an extra.  We can’t wait to get this
   movie and check this out.

--Pastor Hout likes to tell stories about a guy he coached
   at Capital University back in the early 80’s.  Every day
   this story gets better and better!!!  The young man he
   coached is Eric Acton and, amazingly, he is the husband
   of Dr. Amy Acton who is on the radio and TV a lot now
   with Gov. DeWine helping us through this pandemic.  Have
   you seen the Laverne and Shirley cartoon of them?  It is

--Pastor Rajala’s son (Arne) was in town recently and he
   brought in a Bible from his dad’s library.  It is an 1822
   Bible!!!  Can you believe St. Jacob was only one year old
   when this Bible was printed.  We will be able to highlight
   this Bible during our 200th celebrations.

--Have you heard of the grave dodger?  The Star City
   knows about him.  In their game room they have a
   large display on the wall about “the grave dodger.”
   Back in the 60’s when they were putting in a water
   line for the fountain in Library Park, they came
   across a coffin left from the days that area was a
   cemetery.  The reburial was led by Pastor Rajala
   and it is amazing to see him in the pictures along
   with the intricate coffin complete with a window!!!

--Dick Church was our city’s mayor for seven terms.  This
   is the most in Miamisburg history.  He has had many
   tributes including a number of nice articles in the Dayton
   Daily News.  He is now retired and recently had a big
   retirement party.  Now that things are slowing down in
   his life he is going to help us prepare for the big 200th
   anniversary of St. Jacob!!!  We will kick off the planning
   efforts by meeting with our Lunch Bunch on February
   27th at Ron’s Pizza in the historic IOOF building.  Come
   join us.  It all beings at 11:30am.

--In the Holiday Festival parade there was a car full of
   veterans from former wars.  How nice to see two St.
   Jacob people in the vehicle.  There was Steve Schultz
   (Vietnam War) and Dale Schram (World War II)

--On Veterans Day we like to remember the story of Zach
   Sharits.  He served in the Army during the Civil War but
   was captured and sent to a confederate prison.  When
   the war ended and everyone was released they loaded
   up on a ship called the Sultana for the trip up the Mississippi
   and back home.  Sadly, the ship’s boiler exploded and
   over 1500 were killed, including Mr. Sharits.  He was buried
   back in Miamisburg by Pastor Albrecht.

--You may not know the name Hobby Kinderdine but we
   believe he might be pretty well known very soon.  He sat
   in the last pew on the pulpit side with the rest of the
   Kinderdine family.  The NFL will celebrate their 100th
   anniversary very soon.  Hobby played in the first NFL
   game as a center and also as the kicker for the
   Dayton Triangles.  When his team scored a touchdown
   to go ahead 6-0, he kicked the extra point to make it
   7-0.  Little did anyone there know that this would be
   remembered as the first extra point in NFL history!!!
   Pastor Hout recently carried a picture of him when the
   Bengals visited Welcome Stadium in Dayton, but he was
   unable to get any of the kickers to autograph it.  He will
   keep trying, though.  Some day the media will come
   calling for the full story about all of this.

--Shannon Quinn Thompson is well known for many things.
   We recently heard a story about her that will make her
   even more famous.  She was six months pregnant and
   she rode her unicycle at her school for the kids!!!  Yes,
   she is pretty amazing as she also led the nation in “digs
   per set” her senior year on the Capital University volleyball
   team.  She just had a baby boy, Jackson Norman and they
   were all out recently for the wedding of Megan Davis.
   Jackson was not playing volleyball or riding a unicycle. 
   Little Jackson was also recently seen at the noon service!

--Jason Bruns finished on the podium at the “First 
   Four” race at the University of Dayton.  This was no
   ordinary race as he won tickets to the NCAA
   tournament games and also $75!!!  Go Jason!
   In college he was the top runner on the Wright State
   Cross Country team and has run the Boston
   marathon.....even against the wind the whole time.
   His wife was a champion tennis player for Miamisburg
   and Wright State.  She even pole vaulted for Pastor
   Hout.  They also have a new baby - Hazel Evelyn.
   She looks so cute in her own little WSU stocking cap.

--Pastor Hout visited the Top Museum in Burlington,
   Wisconsin and got to spend time with proprietor
   Judith Schultz.  She has been on a number of TV
   shows and even in an MGM movie.  The two
   shared stories and top ideas and promise to work
   together more in the future.  She is also a lover of
   history.  She likes the look and stories of St. Jacob.
   She is especially interested in our 200th birthday!!!

--Mable Braunschweiger is famous around here for her
   friendship and hospitality.  She is also famous for
   being named in the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope film
   “Road to Utopia”.  In that movie Bing is talking about
   a girl he went sleigh riding with by the name of Mable
   Braunschweiger, the lady blacksmith!!!

--The Miamisburg Cross-Country team made it to the
   state meet and placed 10th.  They are now the
   greatest team in Miamisburg history.  You can see
   their picture by our outdoor sign.  Our very own
   Jonathan Steingass was on the team that was
   previously the greatest at Burg HS.  He ran some
   great races including one of the top XC times in
   Miamisburg history.

--Darleen Payne is home again.  We are so happy to
   report this.  We are also happy to report that she
   still has over 300 humorous t-shirts!!!

--We just found out that Alexis Izor (Kim Izor’s daughter
   in Seattle) is on the national traveling sports team
   “Rat City Roller Derby”.  She has also made the
   all-star squad.

--The Plaza Theatre recently had a sold out crowd for
   the movie musical “The Showman”.  Our very own
   Lawrence Benner was a clown for the Ringling
   Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus and traveled the
   equivalent of circling the globe seven times with the
   circus.  The shaker bells in our sanctuary come from
   his estate.

--Jim Bustillo was inducted into the Miamisburg Hall of
   Fame for gymnastics.  He joins fellow state champion
   Tom Schultz.  Pastor Hout is not in his high school Hall
   of fame but he did make Capital University’s Hall of
   Fame in track and field.

--Did you know a number of people in our parish have
   patents?  Jim DeYoung has one! Steve Schultz has
   two!!  Kim Izor has plaques on the wall of his house
   from his four patents!!!!

--Four people from our parish worked on the "Manhattan
   project" (for the first nuclear bomb). Mary Alice Greb,
   Art Vollmer, Bob Greb and Bob Shiffer. Some have
   said Bob worked on the "switch" but others more
   accurately have called it "a proximity fuse".

--Matt Muncy holds the Miamisburg High School record
   for rushing yards in one game and for a career. He
   played four years as a linebacker at Ohio University
   where he was named on the All American team at the
   linebacker postion.  He also played in the pros for the
   Bengals and the Titans.

--After nearly five decades, Steve Schultz still holds the
   Miamisburg school record for interceptions in one

--Betty Daily once won the poetry prize in a local
   magazine for 14 months in a row.

--Dale Schram was in the Miamisburg High School band
   10 years.

--Sidney Wagner once played the pipe organ in worship
   for 25 years without missing a Sunday.

--Mary Ellen Wagner and Sidney Wagner had perfect
   attendance in Sunday School for over 40 years.

--Stephen Steingass holds the school record at
   Miamisburg for the 2,000 meter steeplechase.

--Randy Hardin won his town yo-yo competition in
   Iowa. He then went to three other towns and won
   those battles before barely losing a fifth competition.



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