we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!




Current News


This coming Sunday is the 18th Sunday after Pentecost.  Join us September 23rd for worship services at 10:30 and noon.

Here is a good line from next week’s prayer of the day: “O God, our teacher and guide, you draw us to yourself and welcome us as beloved  children.....”




--Darleen Payne is recovering at Sycamore Health
   Care facility but people around here remember her
   and the fact she has over 300 humorous t-shirts!!!

--Jason Bruns was the top runner on the Wright State
   Cross Country team and has qualified for the Boston
   marathon.  Cheer for him in a couple of days.

--The Plaza Theatre recently had a sold out crowd for
   the movie musical “The Showman”.  Our very own
   Lawrence Benner was a clown for the Ringling
   Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus and traveled the
   equivalent of circling the globe seven times with the
   circus.  The shaker bells in our sanctuary come from
   his estate.

--Mayor Dick Church has led this city for seven terms.
   Can you believe that this is the most in Miamisburg
   history?  Every day he goes in the office he sets a new
   record for the longest serving mayor.

--Shannon Quinn led the nation in “digs per set” her
   senior season of volleyball at Capital University.  Her
   plaque is now proudly on display in the trophy case
   outside her home gym at C.U.

--Jim Bustillo recently was inducted into the Miamisburg
   hall of fame for gymnastics.  He joins fellow state
   champion Tom Schultz.  Pastor Hout is not in his high
   school hall of fame but he did make Capital
   University’s hall of fame in track and field.

--Did you know a number of people in our parish have
   patents?  Jim DeYoung has one! Steve Schultz has
   two!!  Kim Izor has plaques on the wall of his house
   from his four patents!!!!

--Four people from our parish worked on the "Manhattan
   project" (for the first nuclear bomb). Mary Alice Greb,
   Art Vollmer, Bob Greb and Bob Shiffer. Some have
   said Bob worked on the "switch" but others more
   accurately have called it "a proximity fuse".

--Matt Muncy holds the Miamisburg High School record
   for rushing yards in one game and for a career. He
   played four years as a linebacker at Ohio University
   where he was named on the All American team at the
   linebacker postion.  He also played in the pros for the
   Bengals and the Titans.

--After nearly five decades, Steve Schultz still holds the
   Miamisburg school record for interceptions in one

--Betty Daily once won the poetry prize in a local
   magazine for 14 months in a row.

--Dale Schram was in the Miamisburg High School band
   10 years.

--Sidney Wagner once played the pipe organ in worship
   for 25 years without missing a Sunday.

--Mary Ellen Wagner and Sidney Wagner had perfect
   attendance in Sunday School for over 40 years.

--Stephen Steingass holds the school record at
   Miamisburg for the 2,000 meter steeplechase.

--Randy Hardin won his town yo-yo competition in
   Iowa. He then went to three other towns and won
   those battles before barely losing a fifth competition.



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