we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!




Current News


This coming
Sunday is
the 18th

Here is a
good line
from the
next prayer
of the day:
“O God,
your Son
gave his
life that
we might
come to
peace with



All About Us!!!

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

St. Jacob Lutheran Church has been faithfully providing
worship services to the area of Miamisburg since our founding in 1821.  Can you believe we have figured that we have had over 13,000 worship services here?  Did you read about our 171 year old bell?  We figure it has been rung over a quarter of a million times!   It will ring again this coming Sunday as we have worship services at 10:30 (led by the pipe organ) and noon (led by guitars).

St. Jacob is also on the national register of historic places.  We are on their website right along with the Paul Laurence Dunbar House and the Wright Brothers Cycle shop!  We are listed as “Jacob’s Church”.  You can check us out by clicking on the link and going to the following website:

Pastor Hout is the 12th pastor at St. Jacob. Here is the list of the pastors who have served this parish of St. Jacob Lutheran Church:
Rev. John Caspar Dill..........1821-1824
Rev. Henry Heincke.............1826-1859
Rev. Christopher Albrecht....1860-1883
Rev. W. H. Brown.................1883-1899
Rev. F. W. E. Peschau.........1900-1916
Rev. J. S. Herold..................1916-1921
Rev. Walter L. Spielman......1921-1929
Rev. Charles H. Starkey......1929-1950
Rev. Joseph W. Frease.......1950-1959
Rev. Oliver Arne Rajala........1959-1982
Rev. Daniel Fant..................1983-1996
Rev. Michael G. Hout...........1998-present

As we near our 200th anniversary (and the city is now celebrating their 200th), we think it is a good time to reflect on some great memories of the past.  Here are a few:

-Pastor Rajala loved popcorn and used to dry his ears
   of popcorn in the steeple around our bell
-Pastor Peschau lost his entire library of books due to the
   flood of 1913. He also started the first Boy Scout troop
   in the city.
-John Caspar Dill used to ride his horse to several
   congregations he served in our area (including riding
   it across the Miami River).
-Pastor Heincke served in Napoleon’s army and fought in
   the battle of Waterloo.
-Rev. Albrecht was the pastor while our building was
   erected.  He was also an odd fellow (IOOF member) and
   his picture was found in the old hall above Ron’s Pizza.
-During Pastor Spielman’s time of service here the church
   name was changed from St. Jacob’s to First Lutheran (it
   was during the first World War and we did not want to
   seem too sympathetic to the Germans). The sanctuary
   was also extensively remodeled while he was pastor.
-Old Pastor Hout still rides his tall unicycle in local parades
   and competes in the world championships of top



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