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Join us for worship at 10:30 and noon each Sunday. Our 10:30 service is led by the pipe organ. Our noon service is led by guitars. Each Sunday we have Sunday School which starts at 9:00 a.m. Join us for worship and our other activities.

Here are some fascinating facts about our building. Did you know:

-the church bell was made in 1832 and is 178 years old.
-on the church bell the name of the city is spelled "MIAMIESBURG".
-the sanctuary was constructed from 1861-1864 during the Civil War.
-there are eight Martin Luther heads on the ceiling of the sanctuary.
-the building was used for nearly 30 years before they had electricity.
-outhouses were used for over 50 years.
-there used to be three doors in the front of the church.
-lightning caused a fire in the steeple but a brave fireman climbed up to put it out.
-the top of the steeple is a different color from the repair of that 1989 fire.
-happy days of the 50's are still alive in our education wing - completed in 1953