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                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
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    The 2024 season is quickly coming to a close  The 69 and over Friday morning league schedule is way down below (can you believe we finally won a game) and we have updated the Wednesday Co-ed schedule.  It has been a heck of a season so far and dry for our games, until last week.  We were standing there ready to play when the rain hit and flooded our field.  Our team record is still 8-0 thanks to scoriing lots of runs and having a solid defense.  If the weather holds out we will have one final doubleheader to finish the regular season and then have a tournament.  Our 8:15 game on the 12th of June will be a big showdown with hard hitting Family Matters.  They were way ahead of us the last time we played and we barely got them at the end of the game.

    The hotline phone number for rainouts - 937-400-2004

  • 4/24-bye week for us WEDNESDAY CO-ED LEAGUE
             (but we were scouting out the other teams)
  • 5/1-6:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Krystal’s Krew
             (close early but we exploded for a 20-8 win)
          7:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Roxie’s Boyz
  •          (little by little we pulled away to win 13-3)
  • 5/8-6:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Outlaws
             (this was a nice win for us at 18-5)
  •       7:15 (Away) on field #2 vs. Scared Hitless
             (a giant first inning and final score 22-6)
    5/15-6:15 (Away) on field #2 vs. Krystal’s Krew
             (rain but the field was good and we won 24-2)
            7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Roxie’s Boyz
             (we had a strong middle inning to win 17-11)
  • 5/22-6:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Family Matters
             (what a game!!!  15-13 win with walk off HR)
    5/29-8:15 (Home) on field #1 vs. Inflataballs
            (we had a 10 run first inning and finished 21-8)
  • 6/5-8:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Inflataballs
            (sadly, this was rained out)
    6/12-8:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Family Matters
            (this will be a hum dinger of a game)
            9:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Inflataballs
  •         (this is the makeup game from the rainout)
  • 6/19 and 6/26-League tournament to end the year


  • 4/26-9:30 (Away) vs. #3 in FRIDAY OVER 69 LEAGUE
             (we lost 7-6 but came back after a slow start)
  • 5/3-9:30 (Away) vs. #1
             (it is going to be a long season as we lost 15-6)
  • 5/10-9:30 (Home) vs. #1
             (much better play by us and barely lost 9-8)
  • 5/17-11:00 (Home) vs. #3
             (this game was rained out)
  • 5/24-9:30 (Home) vs. #2
             (this was a hard loss for us)
  • 5/31-11:00 (Home) vs. #1
            (we were ahead until the last inning)
  • 6/7-9:30 (Away) vs. # 2
            (can you believe it - we won!!!)
  • 6/14-11:00 (Away) vs. #3
  •         (we now have a win streak of one)
  • 6/21-9:30 (Home) vs. #2
            (we will be ready)
  • 6/28-9:30 (Away) vs. #3
            (the end of the season is quickly approaching)

    We are celebrating the many St. Jacob years of softball.  They have played for a long time and have not won many championships.  In fact, until the last couple of years, the only championship we ever won was 1976.  We are excited to get more information together about that team.  Pastor Hout recently had lunch with one of the players from that team - Jeff Schroeder.  It was terrific to share so many stories!!!  He remembers how they were in a very competitive league with 14 teams in it.  Here is the championship line-up as we were best able to piece it together:

    Bill Herman (Frank) Herman - pitcher
    Jim Long - catcher
    Barry Martin - first base
    Jerry Wantz - second base
    Ken Brown - short stop
    Gary Schroeder - third base and coach
    Alan McCabe - left field
    Steve Herman - left center field
    Jim Wantz - right center field
    Jeff or Scott Schroeder - right field

    St. Jacob won the Wednesday Co-ed tournament!!!  2023 was our year in many ways.  We did not have any games rained out and we won nine of our ten games to claim the regular season championship.  To top it all off, our team won the big league tournament at the end of the year.  St. Jacob has never won a tournament before!!!  Yes, it was quite a year for us.  How great it is to have our new championship t-shirts.  We are looking for a time to give them out and honor the team.  We also had a big wedding with two of our key players, Derek (pitcher) and Grace (outfielder and head recruiter).  It was a great day for the team as many of the players were at the wedding.

    The full schedule for last year is posted below.

    Hotline phone number for rainouts - 937-400-2004

    Here was our 2023 schedule and results...........

    4/26-7:15 (Away) on field #2 vs. Team Coyle
             (we squeaked by with a 26-1 score)

    5/3-7:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Sandlot Sluggers
            8:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Isotec
             (we won 17-7 and 23-11.  Can you believe we were behind
               10-3 in the second game before we came back?)

    5/10-7:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Where My Pitches At
            8:15 (Home) on field #2 vs. Team Coyle
             (we won 16-6 and 22-12 - great hitting!!)

    5/17-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Sandlot Sluggers
            8:15 (Away) on field #2 vs. Isotec
            (we lost the first one 7-6 and won the second 14-12)

    5/24-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Where My Pitches At
            8:15(Home) on field #2 vs. Sandlot Sluggers
            (two big wins 22-3 and 8-7)

    6/7-7:15 (Away) on field #1 vs. Where My Pitches At
            (we won the regular season championship with a 22-1 win)

    6/14-League tournament
            (we won our first game 22-7 and eeked out a 14-13 win
              to take home the championship trophy)

    Looking back, 2022 was a special year for us.  Can you believe that we were regular season champions!!!  Sadly, we did not win the league tournament as other teams seem to find ways to load up their squad while we played our players who got us there.  We are not crying, though, and are happy for all the fun and excitement we had in the 2022 season.  We also won the league in 2021 to join the 1976 team as the only league champions in church history.

    And here are the 2021 FINAL STANDINGS

    St. Jacob.................9-1
    Sandlot Sluggers......7-3
    Team Tricia..............4-6
    Down the Pike..........0-10




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