we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
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You are invited to read the latest about St. Jacob Lutheran Church and our activities

Pentecost Sunday and now the season of Pentecost  Father’s Day is this Sunday and we look forward to highlighting our earthly father as well as our heavenly Father.  Penteocst is upon us and we recently highlighted the first Pentecost with the rush of a mighty wind and tongues of fire as the Holy Spirit moved in amazing ways.  It was good to have our dove kite out for the processional (it moves so nicely) and had the rush of a semi-mighty wind with a unique manual air blowing item.  Now we are in the long season of Pentecost.  Please join us as we continue each Sunday at 10:30 (organ led) and noon (guitar led) with Sunday School at 9:00.

The season of Easter  A lot has happened as we enjoyed a good Easter season and also Mother’s Day.  We love to celebrate the new life we have during the season of Easter as we had a  great Holy Humor Sunday, a terrific Good Shepherd Sunday and a fantastic branches/vine Sunday.  The Sundays after Easter are always a time for extra resurrection smiles and we sure have had them.  We also had lots of smiles on Easter Sunday and are ready to keep celebrating the resurrection of Jesus for a whole season and for the rest of our lives!!!  Our Lenten season was a busy time with midweek services and soup suppers.  Then we had a busy Holy Week with Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services.  Easter Sunday was great with lots of people and lots of activity like a breakfast, an egg hunt, two worship services and lots of instruments with lots of music.  What a wondereful day it was!!!

Lenten Fair was so fun and informative!!!  We had a hall full of people and full of crafts and food which highlight this amazing season of Lent.  It was a great night of hands on learning with so many unique ways to consider Lenten symbols.  How great to see so many families and children from our congregation.  And how great to see so many visitors from our areas for this fine event.  It was a lot of work to set up and take down, but all the effort was worth it to see the excited eyes of everyone.  Meanwhile, we are heading toward the end of the Lenten season and Holy Week!!!

Souper Bowl Sunday was super  The Super Bowl game was good but Souper Bowl Sunday was even better as we did all we could to remember the hungry on that day.  It was good to have so many people join us for that day and help out by bringing in some food for the food pantry or donating some cash for others hungry in our area or writing a check for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.

Our annual congregational meeting went well  We were happy to see the large number of people who came out in the bitter cold to get things rolling for 2024.  Big big big thanks to all of them as they helped us get the new budget passed.  We are now ready to continue on in the great ministry we have here in Miamisburg and beyond.  One of our first big activities will be Souper Bowl Sunday as we do what we can to remember the hungry.

Christmas Eve worship services went well  We had worship services at 7:30 and 11:00 and nice crowds for each of these gatherings.  Many thanks to the many who helped with these special moments together to worship our newborn Christ child.  The candles and Silent Night were a special moment for everyone.  Now we are are out of the season of Christmas and moving toward the light of Epiphany!!!

Sunday School Christmas Program  We had one amazing night on the 17th of December.  Not only was the program a hit, but we also had great attendance.  Many many thanks to all who came to support our little ones.  The carry-in dinner before the event was quite amazing too.  So much good food!!!  Icing on the cake was the fact that we had a live baby Jesus.  Good work, little Beckham.  A little bit of trivia is the fact that the mother of baby Jesus was also baby Jesus (back in the day)!!! 

Holiday Fest with bazaar and parade at SJ  Wow, were there a lot of people on Main Street for the parade and sales from local businesses.  Sadly, not as many made it over to our bazaar at 213 E. Central Avenue.  We still had a great sale and it is still going on.  The outside sign says “50% off if you come to our church.”  Many thanks to all who worked on the bazaar and thanks also to all who were a part of the parade unit.  It was a good looking group.  Now we are getting ready for our annual Sunday School Christmas program.

Busy Thanksgiving time around St. Jacob  We had a good crowd at our annual  Thanksgiving community worship service on the 19th.  We also had a big crowd at our  annual Thanksgiving Day meal.  It was rough trying to keep a good count on the day but it looks like we served nearly 400 meals!!!

Reformation Sunday and All Saints Sunday  Uncle Marty would have been proud of our Reformation Sunday activities.  We had great music.  We had great scripture readings.  We had great quotes and stories in the sermon.  What a great day for good memories of our history.  We continued the next week by sharing more memories.  How great it was to be here at St. Jacob for All Saints Sunday and to remember so many of the faithful who have gone before us, the faithful who are with us now and the faithful who are yet to be.

Sadly, we could not have our annual hayride and our usual location  There has been some sickness in the family with the great farm and facilities.  We will keep praying for little James Warrick.  The good news is that we were able to still have an event at our facility at 213 E. Central.  What a great night it was for us on the 22nd.  The weather was nice, we had great food, a nice crowd and lots of fun activities.  There was not a hayride but we had bike rides thanks to Pastor Hout’s three wheel bicycle.  It was a hit as was the fire, the games, the cornhole and more.  Actually, one of the biggest hits of the night might have been the box that Pastor Hout brought from his home.  Yes, sometimes the simple things are some of the best things!!!

Annual Congregational meeting  We recently had our annual congregational meeting.  It is usually the second Sunday in October unless we are snowed out.  No snow this year so everything was a go and we had a good meeting.  Many thanks to all who came and supported our preparations for 2024.

What a day for a baptism  The weather was great outside and the spirit was moving inside our building as a large group of family and friends were here for the baptism of Jireh Mercy Smith.  She was wonderful and gave everyone terrific smiles during the service.  Our prayers are with her and her family as they continue to grow in God’s wonderful and amazing grace.

Rally Day  We did all we could to rally behind our Sunday School in early September.  We had lots of balloons, prizes, puppets, songs, ukeleles, unusual riding things and so much more.  It was a great day.  After all the morning activites, our Rally Day Band played at the 10:30 worship service.  We had a terrific time!!!

Holiday at Home Parade  This great annual Labor Day parade is something else.  Thousands line to streets to see the action.  Some have estimated that there are over 100,000 watching!!!  St. Jacob was honored to be a part of it all with a nice bright orange unit.  Several people took pictures of us and we will be happy to share some of them with you.

What a great weekend of spinning fun  People came from all over for our 24th annual  top fest in Miamisburg.  Can you believe one man drove down from Ottawa, Canada?  Can you believe another flew in from Japan?  We had spinners here from a number of states like Wisconsin, New York, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and more.  It was quite a weekend.  We had some amazing tops here including some of the biggest ever seen.  A number of our champion spinners stayed for our 10:30 and noon worship services.  What an amazing weekend full of fascinating stories!!!

Football season is here and we had KOFK  Pastor Hout has been on another kick.  This time the kick was for a faithful St. Jacob member by the name of George “Hobby” Kinderdine.  He was the first to kick an extra point in the NFL.  His birthday is August 13th and we did all we could to celebrate it in style.  Some of his family was here and they even brought in some of his jerseys from the 20’s (that is the 1920’s).  It was a great day and we are already making plans for his 130th birthday next year.  They have also been making a movie about the Triangles football team and this should be out around Thanksgiving time.

A full page picture in the Dayton Daily News!!!  We have been so fortunate with our parade unit.  It has given us lots of good exercise and good publicity.  Yet, nothing matches what happened on the first Friday in September.  We opened the paper to the GO section and there, on the front page, was a full giant picture of our unit!  It took up the entire page and they were using it to promote the Holiday at Home Parade.  By the way, the parade went well for us as we had a good unit and wonderful weather.

Read about our pipe organ Here is an interesting bit about our pipe organ:


AND BELOW IS SOME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT US: Our parish is located in the Southern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Read more about what's happening in our synod at the Synod Home Page

St. Jacob is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (the ELCA). Read more about it at the ELCA Website

The ELCA also has a very fine magazine. Check it out at The Lutheran€¯

Our softball and volleyball team plays Monday nights with the Miamisburg Churches.

We have a Lenten fair each March with lots of great ”hands on”€¯ learning!


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