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 You are invited to read the latest about St. Jacob Lutheran Church and our activities

The St. Jacob parade unit was busy on Labor Day  It was great to see the nice weather and exciting to see the huge crowds out on September 2nd at the Kettering Holiday at Home parade.  St. Jacob was honored to be included and we had a colorful unit with bright orange shirts.  Can you believe it was Pastor Hout’s 25th time in this parade on his six foot unicycle?

Miamisburg’s Whirled Top Festival was the top gathering in the whirled  This past weekend was all so amazing.  We were stunned at how well everything went.  The weather was perfect, the participation was terrific and the friendship was top notch.  There were people spinning on Friday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday morning in worship!  How about that for a whirling weekend?  The national championships were in our very own Albrecht Hall (fellowship hall) at 3pm on Saturday afternoon.  Youth battles went on from 5-8 that evening down at Riverfront park.  There was even a world record set for the longest wire walker (a top moving along a string).  The spinner traveled from the top of our outdoor fire escape, across the parking lot and the alley all the way to the senior center building.

Congratulations to St. John’s Lutheran on their 200th anniversary  We have been praying for them during this special year.  A number of us also went over to their big 200th celebration and congratulated them on that fine achievement.  We hope they have another fine 200 years.

Pool Party was great and warm and to top it all off, it was not raining!!!  We have struggled with weather with many of our pool party dates but this was not the case in 2019.  We had a hot day and the trip to the pool that evening was the perfect ending.  Many thanks to all who helped organize this event.  It was terrific.

Day Camp is over but the wonderful memories linger on.  We had a building full of young ones and it was such a great week.  We had lots of good counselors from LOMO (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Ohio) and some were from Germany, Scotland and even Poland.  We were “Agents of CHANGE” through the week as we learned about generosity, inclusion, compassion, justice and forgiveness.

White Bucket challenge is amazing  Jim Bustillo has found a great source of big white buckets and we are using them to help in the tornado relief efforts.  Many have been handed out and have been returned filled with needed items.  Thanks for your great response.  Can you believe seven dozen buckets full of help and hope have been taken to areas recovering from the tornadoes?

Talent Show was quite a show  We were excited to see all the people and all the acts at the 2019 St. Jacob Talent Show.  We also had a lot of food for the meal so it was a terrific night.  Can you believe we not only had piano solos, but we also had piano duets on two pianos?  There were dulcimers and guitars and riddles and spinning tops and stand up comedy and spinning plates and small bikes and large bikes and spinning eggs and violins and drums and New York City cane walkers and cup songs and more.  Whew.  What an amazing night!!!

Spring Fest in Miamisburg was great and we were happy to be involved with many of the activities.  We had a unit in the parade and our mayor said we looked good.

Lunch Bunch is this coming Thursday  Come join us the 23rd at Mz. Pickles for a delightful lunch with delightful conversation.  It all starts at 11:30am in beautiful historic downtown Miamisburg.

It is still Easter  We had a great Holy Week that led up to a fantastic Easter Sunday.  But, of course, the good news is more than just one day.  How exciting to be in the season of Easter as we celebrate resurrection Sunday every Sunday.  We even had some good laughs on Holy Hilarity Sunday for, indeed, the greatest joke ever was played on the devil when he thought Jesus was dead......but he rose from the grave to give new hope and life to all of us.  Please join us for more smiles and more hope each Sunday at 10:30 and noon.

Many thanks to all who helped with a busy time  Yes, it was indeed a busy time through the season of Lent and Holy Week and Easter Sunday.  Each week during Lent  on Wednesday evenings we had a worship service at 7pm and it was preceeded by a soup supper.  We contemplated on the Sermon on the Mount and looked at the following themes: Blessed are you; Salt and light; Prayer and fasting; Do not worry; Judge not; Build on rock.  We then had Palm Sunday services to start off Holy week which included a Maundy Thursday service and a Good Friday service.  On  Easter Sunday we had a great breakfast and an egg hunt along with services at 10:30 and noon.  We only get through all of this with the help of many other people.  Big thanks go to all who helped us in one way or another with all of this.

2019 Lenten Fair was GR8!!!  How great it was to have so many join us for our 42nd annual Lenten Fair.  It was a good evening of hands on learning about our Christian faith.  There was a lot of good food that reminded us of what we believe.  There were a lot of eggs to color and buttons to make.  There were also some new and creative ideas shared.  The first Sunday of April was a special night for fun and education at the St. Jacob Lenten Fair.

World Champion visits St. Jacob  How exciting to have Bob Arledge with us once again.  Last time he was with us we were celebrating a national championship in his age group in the pole vault.  On Sunday he was with us to celebrate an even bigger win.   This time he was here to celebrate the world championship for pole vaulters 85-89.  He won in the big world championship in Malaga, Spain.  He is such a great guy and talked to the little ones in the children’s sermon and gave them each a special rock with a Bible verse on it.

Souper Bowl Sunday was great  We appreciate everyone’s help to reach out to the hungry with cans of food for others, cash for our food pantry or a check for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.  It was good to remember Martha Rajala and her strong interest and support of this day.  30 cans of food were put on our outside sign to highlight that day and 22 of them have been picked up!!!

Cold weather, snow and ice force lots of church closings but not St. Jacob.  Many thanks to the faithful people who keep our doors open in all kinds of weather!!!

Congregational meeting held despite the snow  It was shocking, but we had enough people for our annual January congregational meeting.  We conducted the business of the parish and look forward to another exciting year of ministry at 213 East Central Avenue.

Epiphany Lights  We certainly enjoy lots of special lights and stars during this Epiphany season.  Have you seen the house at 430 East Linden?  They have nine big bright stars hanging in their porch.  They are, indeed, doing a great job of following the great Epiphany words from Isaiah “Arise, shine, your light has come.”

We love Mound Elementary  They just had a big collection of food and donated it to our food pantry.  How amazing to see thousands of cans of food in our building ready to help others in need.

Our Sunday School Christmas program  It was another special night as we gathered for a fine dinner in Albrecht Hall (our fellowship hall).  Many thanks to all who brought lots of food for the pre-program meal.  When it came time for the program, we were all delighted to see not only lots of great costumes but lots of smiling faces sharing the good news of the birth of Jesus in rhythmic rhymes.  Many thanks to all who came and supported our annual Sunday School program.  Special thanks go to our children and the adult leaders.  Extra special thanks go to Dr. Marcia Vannet for her work in writing this play and directing it.

Miamisburg Holiday Fest went well  We had a great parade unit and lots of activity at our bazaar of Christmas items in Albrecht Hall (our fellowship hall).  The weekend was made complete by the concert of the Miamisburg Community Chorus under the direction of our very own Dale Schram.  They got a standing ovation!!!

Thanksgiving Day meal was once again GR8  Can you believe we served 395 meals on Thanksgiving Day?  We had over fifty volunteers working like crazy to make this event go smoothly.  How wonderful it is to see the people of God work together so well.  We are still stunned to think we have been doing this for over two decades.  Many thanks to our head organizer Dawn Warrick and everyone who did so much to make this another great day together.

Community Thanksgiving worship service  What a great night it was to host five congregations here at St. Jacob for a wonderful time of giving thanks.  The combined choir was fantastic and it was great to hear the pastors and congregational leaders from each congregation.

Veterans Day was last Sunday  We like to do all we can to support those activities but the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month was during our 10:30 worship service.  There was a special service at Library Park (now Veteran’s Park) and we had some go to that before attending the noon service.  It turns out that 11:00 was right before Pastor Hout started preaching so we paused the service and had a special prayer in honor of this 100th anniversary.

All Saints Sunday was memorable and we spent some good time remembering our history and the saints who have gone before us.  That list from the last 12 months includes Bill Stamm, Bill Pardieck, Ruth Allen, Paul Gebhart, Pearl “Dee” Vannet and Rose Schroeder.

Rats!!!  Our annual congregational hayride was cancelled  It was a rainy night and a cold night so this great annual event was cancelled.  We will see if we can pull it together for another date at 8055 South Union Road in Miamisburg (on the west side of the Miami River).  It was supposed to start at 5pm at the Warrick Farm where we were to see lots of animals, have a campfire, enjoy pumpkins, cider, s’mores, a cookout and, of course, have some fun hayrides.

Congregational meeting went well  That was the 14th following the 10:30 worship service as we looked at the budget, talked about air-conditioning and made more plans for 2019 - our 198th year!!!

Our food pantry food has been used to help our community in a number of ways.  Most recently, though, we were able to help in two other locations not normally connected with Miamisburg.  Capital University is starting a food pantry for hungry students and we took a car load up there.  The tent city of homeless individuals in Hamilton also received a visit and many bags of food from our pantry.

We are still smiling about our recent baptism and new members Our prayers are with Henrik William Tabisz who received the sacrament of baptism this past Sunday.  Our prayers are also with the entire Tabisz family (Tony, Monica, Aubree, Camille, Henrik) and Sandy Cooper who were received as new members of St. Jacob.  It was an exciting day for our congregation.

Whirled Top Festival was a tremendous success  It was Christmas in August at our big top spinning event.  Not only did we have people attend from all other the United States (and even the Philippines) but we had the giant top collection from Don Olney (the Toycrafter) to look at and enjoy.  Many thanks to all who came to see the National Championships in our Albrecht Hall.  There were a record number of competitors!!!  The event then moved to newly renovated Riverfront park for the children’s battle top challenge.  What a close competition that was.  It was quite a weekend and Pastor Hout says thanks to everyone for the wonderful memories.

Did you hear about Elvis?  In the recent Dayton Daily News it was reported that Elvis Presley gave a concert at the University of Dayton basketball arena.  Pastor Hout took the paper to Lunch Bunch and two women in the group reported that they were at the concert!!!

What a great week of Day Camp  How wonderful to have a hundred people during the week of our famous Day Camp.  We had a great staff and wonderful counselors along with terrific campers.  We learned so many good songs and skits along with the daily Bible studies all under the theme “This Changes Everything.”  Many thanks go to Laura Quinn who served as our camp director for the week.  It all went smoothly because of her and everyone working together.  We ended the week with a nice pool party at the Miamisburg pool.....and it didn’t rain!!!

Back from Houston is our group of six who attended the national youth gathering.  They have lots of stories to tell plus they have a display at the church.

Day Camp is going on right now  Come join us!  It is still time from 9am-3pm.

Bicentennial parades  It was an exciting time in the Burg.  We made it through not just one but two giant bicentennial parades.  We had lots of good participation.  And the city looks wonderful.  People have worked long and hard to get everything in terrific  shape.  There was something every day and almost every hour in Riverfront Park.  Happy 200th birthday, Miamisburg!!!.


St. Jacob scholarship  The big senior award ceremony was this past week.  How great to see so many familiar faces receiving lots of great recognition.  The St. Jacob scholarship was awarded to Christopher Sumner.  We wish him well as he heads on to college.  By the way, we just received a nice thank you note from him.


West Carrollton High School Musical  Wow!  Did they do a nice job with the musical “Once Upon a Mattress.”  The exciting thing for us is that one of the lead parts was handled by our very own Jacob Boyd.  He was terrific as the Jester!!!


Puppets and more  It has been fun to have puppets in worship lately.  The kids were great with the puppets at a recent children’s sermon.  Our local jester, Jacob Boyd, was hilarious with his puppet imitating Pastor Hout during announcements.  It was a good way to highlight his part as a jester in the upcoming West Carrollton High School production of “Once Upon a Mattress.”  The show is at 7pm on Friday and Saturday the 27th and 28th and 2pm on Sunday the 29th.


Holy Humor Sunday was full of joy  How great it was to continue to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and to enjoy the greatest punchline in all of history - He Is Risen.....He Is Risen, Indeed!!!  Evil and the devil were big losers and we will join years and years of historic laughter because of this.  Get your church jokes together for next year’s Holy Humor Sunday, one week after Easter Sunday.


Easter Sunday was phenomenal  How great to have such a large attendance at both our worship services.  We also had a terrific Easter breakfast and it was dry enough to have an egg hunt outside.  With it also being April 1st, there were also a few other shenanigans going on.  As everyone about clothes pins that say “He Is Risen” and people falling during the worship service.


Holy Week  We made it through all our Wednesday midweek services through the season of Lent.  We have had lots of good soup suppers.  We also made it through a busy Holy Week.  Many thanks to all who came to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship services.


Souper Bowl Sunday was a great time to highlight the SOUPer Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. How nice to remember the hungry on this day with food for the food pantry, cash for food pantry food or a check for the fine ELCA world hunger fund.


Read about our pipe organ Here is an interesting bit about our pipe organ:


AND BELOW IS SOME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT US: Our parish is located in the Southern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Read more about what's happening in our synod at the Synod Home Page

St. Jacob is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (the ELCA). Read more about it at the ELCA Website

The ELCA also has a very fine magazine. Check it out at The Lutheran€¯

Our softball and volleyball team plays Monday nights with the Miamisburg Churches.

We have a Lenten fair each March with lots of great ”hands on”€¯ learning!


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