we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!




Current News


This coming
Sunday is
the 3rd
in Lent.
We have
our services
at 10:30
and noon.

Here is a
good line
from the
next prayer
of the day:
God, your
has broken
into our




Our next Sunday worship services are March 24th at 10:30 and noon.  It will be the third Sunday in Lent.  Worship next Sunday will be at 10:30am  (led by the pipe organ) and noon (led by guitars).  The gospel text is Luke 13:1-9 and Pastor Hout’s sermon theme will be “Cut It Down?”.  You can read the gospel and more of the Bible at the following link:

Thanks for visiting  We are so happy you have found us.  We hope you enjoy your time here even if we are not as flashy as some other sites.  We are doing our best and, after all, we have important people here......people like you!

Midweek Lenten worship services  Please join us for our Wednesday worship services during this season of Lent.  Our worship begins at 7pm.  There will also be a simple soup supper meal at 6pm.  We look forward to having you with us as we discuss the Sermon on the Mount.  This week our theme will be “Prayer and Fasting”.  Our other weekly themes will be do not worry, judge not and build on rock.

Prayers of the Church  We hear from Rob Stirling that his wife Vicky is doing well at home and getting around better every day.  We just found out that Robert Cain (Pastor Hout’s neighbor) is now at Elmcroft.  We pray for both of them along with Helen Glenn, Pat Muller, Darleen and Jim Payne, Hank and Shirley Dodson, Bev Kingrey, and Bob Greenlee.  We pray for our military folks Zachary Boyd and Jacob Gore as well as Christopher Boyd getting ready for internship in Montpelier, Ohio.  Also in our prayers is is Hannah Steingass studying in Austria.

St. Jacob services go worldwide  Can you believe it?  Part of our worship service recently was facetimed over to Austria so Hannah Steingass could join her family in church!!!  She already has great stories as she traveled to Venice and walked those fabled streets.  At the end of the day she was shocked to see she had walked over 14 miles!

Here is our prayer of the day for the Third Sunday in Lent: Eternal God, your kingdom has broken into our troubled world through the life, death, and resurrection of your Son.  Help us to hear your word and obey it, and bring your saving love to fruition in our lives, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Souper Bowl Sunday was special  February 3rd was a little football game but it was also a big support for those needing food.  Thanks for your help by bringing in cans of soup for the hungry, coins to support our food pantry or a check to help with our ELCA world hunger appeal.  We put 30 cans of food out by our outdoor sign about the hungry and Souper Bowl.  Guess what?  Little by little they have been picked up (two by two - one for each hand). 

Congregational meeting Pastor is still flummoxed that we were able to have a quorum at this January meeting, despite all the snow and cold weather.  Then, on the first Sunday in March, the weather forecasters did all they could to scare people away from church attendance with the threat of so much snow and wintry weather that they would not be able to get back home.  We not only had our regular worship services but we had solid attendance at both services.  St. Jacob people are a much tougher group that anyone imagined!!!

We had lots of Christmas activities going on around here  Many thanks to the many who came out for our Christmas Eve candle light services where we sang Silent Night and remembered the 200th anniversary of that hymn.  Thanks, also, go to all who helped with our Sunday School Christmas program.  We had a fine meal beforehand and a great program thanks to all the children and adults involved.  Extra special thanks go to Dr. Marcia Vannet for her work in writing the play and directing it.

Some great scripture   Here are more wonderful words from the Bible.  They come from our gospel this coming Sunday......Luke 13:9  “If it bears fruit next year, well and good; but if not, you can cut it down.”

A special link because it is a great article about St. Jacob. Part of it was in the paper but we have the entire blog article here with some good pictures:

Here are some events and dates to consider:
March 20-Midweek Wednesday Lenten Worship - service at 7pm
coming soon - Lenten Fair
April 17-Miamisburg Community Chorus concert
April 21-Easter Sunday services at 10:30 and noon

“Love is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.”



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