we are located in the beautiful historic
                                                            downtown section of Miamisburg, Ohio


                                                               The family of St. Jacob is dedicated in
                                                                  love to sharing the gospel of Christ
                                                                              with our neighbors!!!




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This coming
Sunday is
the 6th
and we
have our
at 10:30
and noon.

Here is a
good line
from the
next prayer
of the day:
God, you
draw near
to us in




Our next Sunday worship services are July 21st at 10:30 and noon.  It will be the sixth Sunday after Pentecost.  Worship this coming week will be 10:30am (led by the pipe organ) and noon (led by guitars).  At 9am we have a Sunday School opening and Sunday School classes.  The gospel text this Sunday is Luke 10:38-42  and Pastor Hout’s sermon theme will be “Better?”  You can read the gospel and more of the Bible at the following link:

Thanks for visiting  We are so happy you have found us.  We hope you enjoy your time here even if we are not as flashy as some other sites.  We are doing our best and, after all, we have important people here......people like you!!!

Day Camp is over but what a great week.  We had great counselors from all over including people from Germany, Scotland and Ireland.  We had a building full of people.  We had an exciting ice cream social, park day at Germantown Reserve, water day with Fire Trucks hosing us down and so much more.  Join us on Friday the 19th for our Pool Party at the Miamisburg pool from 7:30-9:30.

Prayers of the Church  We pray for the family and friends of Robert L. Apple.  Pastor Hout had his funeral on Saturday.  We also pray for the family and friends of Karen Sue Shitesel Officer who died recently.  Word has also come to us that Pam Rajala died.  She is the wife of Arne Rajala in Colorado.  So many people need our prayers including those recovering from recent storms and tornadoes and Linda Hippert (in worship recently), Tim Schram, Bev Kingrey, Pat Muller, Bob Greenlee, Darleen and Jim Payne, Hank and Shirley Dodson and Bob Greenlee.  We also pray for our military men Zac Boyd and Jacob Gore, Chris Boyd on internship.  Guess what?  Hannah Steingass is safely back from studying in Austria!!!

More than prayers  We have been doing all we can to give more than prayers to help the tornado victims.  We have an amazing connection to dozens of white buckets and are filling them with needed items and getting them to sites that are helping with tornado relief.  Thanks so much to the many who have already filled up these containers.  We filled up a bunch more buckets during Day Camp.

Prayer of the day for 6th Sunday after Pentecost: Eternal God, you draw near to us in Christ, and you make yourself our guest.  Amid the cares of our lives, make us attentive to your presence, that we may treasure your word above all else, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen.

Coed Softball season is complete  We fielded a great team and lots of enthusiastic players this year.  There were sure a lot of close games, too.  And we won a lot of them!!!  Many thanks to all who played and cheered for us.  We are a young team so people are already saying “wait until next year”.

Luther House Gang reunion  People are still talking about how wonderful it was to have the gang back together again.  They were a large and very active youth group that met here in the early ‘60s.  They were all in town recently for the alumni weekend.  Mike McCabe got up and spoke on behalf of the group and how it was such a special time in the life of this parish and of each of the young adults.  It was a great day and we hope we can do it again in 2020.

We are still smiling about the Talent Show  We were so thrilled to see all the people and all the acts at the 2019 St. Jacob Talent Show.  We also had a lot of food for the meal so it was a fantastic evening.  Can you believe we not only had piano solos, but we also had piano duets on two pianos?  There were dulcimers and guitars and riddles and spinning tops and stand up comedy and spinning plates and small bikes and large bikes and spinning eggs and violins and drums and New York City cane walkers and cup songs and more.  Whew.  What an amazing night!!!

Some great scripture   These words of come from our first lesson for this coming Sunday......Luke 10:41-42  “But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing.  Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her.”

A special link because it is a great article about St. Jacob. Part of it was in the paper but we have the entire blog article here with some good pictures:

Here are some events and dates to consider:
July 16-Scout Night at St. Jacob
July 17-Bible Study - 7pm
July 19-Pool Party at Miamisburg Pool from 7:30-9:30

“Love is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.”



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